Andrew and Holly.

Andrew and Holly.

Holland Racing, LLC was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team, Andrew Willis and Holly Ammerman. Willis, an avid cyclist and racer, began volunteering heavily at bicycle race events in 2005, mainly the now legendary Driveway Series. Near the end of 2007, Willis managed a race from top to bottom on his own. Holly, a full-time engineer, saw how much her husband enjoyed volunteering and creating events and encouraged him to try and make a business out of it.

In 2008 with Willis' enthusiasm and Holly's organizational skills the duo created and hosted four events. The events were well received by the cycling community. As 2009 approached an opportunity to host the Driveway Series presented itself. Under Holland's guidance the Series quickly grew to become the nation's largest race series, redefining the grassroots racing model.

As the Driveway Series grew so did Holland's event portfolio. By 2012 Holland managed over 50 events in central Texas. As parents of two small children, and with opportunities for Holly to advance her engineering career, in 2013 the couple made the decision to scale back the business and focus solely on the Driveway Series.

In the meantime, local cyclist, Kelley Ables, began volunteering at the Driveway. Kelley fell in love with the Series and became a fixture, always willing to help out and lend a hand. As Andrew and Holly stepped back, Kelley began to take on more responsibilities. In 2015 Kelley's role went from volunteer to part-time. In 2016, Kelley began working solely with Holland Racing and became the race director of the Driveway Series.

  Kelley (Ables) Vetters. Photo courtesy of Brooks Bixler

Kelley (Ables) Vetters. Photo courtesy of Brooks Bixler



Kelley's ever growing role within the business allowed Andrew and Holly to grow Holland Racing again. In 2017, Holland Racing created the Oatmeal Road Race, Pace Bend Ultra, and purchased the rights to the Texas Time Trials. Holland Racing also began receiving event consultation and management requests. Based on these requests, Holland Special Events, LLC was created.

Holland Special Events focuses on event consulting and management services. Holland Special Events quickly grew and today includes clients such as WEDŪ Sport, Circuit of the Americas, RAAM, Mellow Johnny'sReal Ale brewery, and Bicycle Sport Shop.




2009 Competitor Magazine recognized the Driveway Series as the best cycling event in Texas.

2011 USA Cycling recognized Holland Racing as "Club of the Year."

2016 Austin Fit Magazine recognized the Driveway Series as the best cycling event in Austin.

2017 Austin Fit Magazine recognized the Driveway Series as the best cycling event in Austin.

2017 USA Cycling crowned the Driveway Series as the Best Weeknight Race Series in the U.S.